i am very excited because i've managed to make mr.linky..wah!!but i think my bl0g like sawet:x::q:

:131:..do you think this bl0g sawet:119:haha:132:..but i'm proud of it...wekkk:r::q::face7:..proud abes..haha:face75:..

me:i'm proud of it la...you..proud ka??
msm:this bl0g mediocre..no attention!!
me:kbkh seh msm nie!!
msm:what is the meaning of kbkh??
me:kepala bapak kau itam la babsatu!!
msm:what is a black head???
me:0hh!!i forget..y0u can msm..konon nyer semue puteh,,right??
me:why you laugh like that.??
me:hey msm,,if y0u want to bl0g walking here,,0nly 5 minit..!!
msm:why i'm only 5 minutes??why the others can be more than 5 minutes??
me:because..you..is..msm...if you bl0gwalking here lama-lama pun..you tidak akan faham bahasa pasar..right?

msm>mt salle mane
yg kt atas tu,,sje2 jer..cbb iema tengah boring..!

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