buwat ap yg patut

:47: yesterday,i had done unfortunate day..:r::q::x:

:34: today,my friend pulak had done unfortunate day...haisyh..

:50: why must jealous:s::120: (i don't want to tell the name)

:54: if not satisfied face to face la..don't talk-talk only:119:

:69: iema don't know la..jealous:120:die couple wif my classmate..n her couple mesra alam ngan my friend..s0,what must we do:s: buat x tawu je bila couple dia tegur:s::120:kesian la..:face60:

:48: one more:q::r::x: you are so jealous or very jealous..your couple want freedom..:face1:..

:45: mustahil kalau kene kawan dengan budak lelaki sahaja..boring 0ke...

:61: ish:119: i don't know la..when you are together with your couple,you don't want greeted him..

:59: atoyei:q::r::x:tu masalah awak..kenapa kiteorg pulak kene:s::120:

:121: done break my heart and my friend's heart..:face50:

:79: hari isnin..i and my colleagues wanna solve this problem.

to all bloggers:pray this problem will be eliminated

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