lovalife,,handphone is not important for me..


:61: i think i know the meaning of lovalife..the meanings is a life with a :n:..meanings loving with someone..:face9:...this is my opinion..but haa..i think i don't need to think about it..because:s::120:
:63: i'm still terteen years old..no need to love..no need to couple..n wateverb:face56:
:36: so..what i need to do:s::120:
:65: focus on learning..to achieve our ambitions..n my parents pround of my success..:face24:
:41: ya..i think the phone is very important to some people..but i not..
:64: without phone my life not disturbed by male-male that auww..:131:
:43: actually,,i want to try using phone but my parents did't give permission:face59:
:35: my mother said: after school i can use phone..:face57:
:30: why my mother be like this:s::120:
:59: because she did't see her sons did't suceed..
:126: i'm jealous to see my friends have phone..touch screen..:face58:
:55: its okay la..i have a computer..its already enough for me..:face75:
sorrry if ayat tungkang tebalik because iema nak serasikan diri iema
dengan bahasa inggeris..

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